Tweets, A Practise to Concise Writings

In writing, we tend to wanting to put everything in one sentence, don’t we?

Either in working an email, article, report, even a tweet. Whatever your craft is, conveying concise message takes long practice of repeat writing as process. But once you find rhythm that match you, it’d be as easy as talking to yourself. Even a better experience, as you can see the actual words and do a second round of checking prior to publishing it. Not to get it right but to get to that concise level.

I’ll share few of my tips. Not pro tho but I hope you’d find the following useful. A different perspective for you to elaborate.

Keeping it short.

Rushing to write everything in one sentence would lead you to craft a bulky one. Unfortunately, such only works when you’re wrapping a present to 5 years old for Christmas.

Most times, I find two elaborative short sentences is better than one non stop. You might tangled the non advanced readers during the read. Minimise possibility of creating bigger room for misinterpretation. If you do wish to tangled your readers, then served it purposefully. Say, to spark further questions, to seed doubts, to invite critics or debates.

Long sentence also expose us to redundancy use of words. Break it down by limiting to one key take out per sentence. Ask urself if you next sentence is needed. How is it useful to you, readers and the message itself.

Take Twitter as space to practise your craft. The platform is excellent to sharpen concise message crafting. It serves not just writing but also thru meme use to voice.

Celebrate mistakes. Typo is fine. Use it to train your creativity. The goal is improved skill not period of experience.

@threadreaderapp could be our compiling partner after series of tweets. They’d serve you the bridge that ease reviewing the writing for medium or other platforms.

Another important note to apply on practising your writing, always take considerable pause between first and your following reviews. This would replace the role of second person as editor – if you don’t have one.

So, if this kind a note suits you, I might proceed to my way of building perspectives thru writing. Or maybe on how I interpret data to craft elaborative storyline. Later tho 😉

Not getting the job I want turn out to be the best thing that ever happen to me.

“I rarely got the job I applied for, but instead it always lead me to a better experience.” That’s how I described my work journey in a sentence.

Everything doesn’t fit at the beginning. I was majoring accounting in vocational high school; taking psychology with more focus on human development for bachelor degree; learning how to build and valuate a company for master degree which majoring in strategic finance. Although I have reasons for each decisions back then, none of those make sense.

But now, at this point of my journey, I am confident to conclude that my background in education and experience makes my perspective unique in delivering my work. I have the right ingredients at hand. But, what do I do now?

The big picture is I manage projects. In actual, I’m responsible for digital product development from UI concept to its service build for clients. It is not the utilisation of new technology that fascinate me most, although it is interesting to learn that choosing it right would bring different result for users or audience who are using it. From my personal perspective, the context of having limitless possibilities to bring in ideas and new concept with data is far more attractive.

My interactions with those technology savvy people have challenged my thinking, “what other things can we create with these remarkable talents as my circle.” One of the best notion ever said to me last year was, “If you can get these talent, ty, you can build anything.” That simple coffee talk would require different page for me to outline.

Anyway, back to the sentence of how did I end up here and for that I want to start with me being a storyteller.

Of being a storyteller. I’d like to believe that I’m a born writer. I fall for reading and writing since elementary school. Biography and comics have been my greatest pleasure at the time. I remember discovering my first biography at the school’s library, a Michael Faraday story, then followed by me being crazy about Galileo. This led me to hunt all sort of books about him.

Writing has always been my favourite assignment until college. Of course, it was when I realise that everything needs to be delivered in writing.

Next, I was teaching English for my high school. I did it since my last year at the school up to the full college years. It was started by teaching English debate of the Australian style for the juniors. The experience served me quite well and helped me to shift from teaching to enter the corporate world.

The next job was translator for one of Indonesia’s biggest economy newspaper. Again, I responded to a challenge of learning new things. So, when the company offered me to try on the translator role, I told myself, why not.

My favourite experience during this period was the fact that I was parked in a room full of editors, almost no journalist. I got the space to interact with the best talent in the building. It was them who taught me to write and analyse facts better.

From being a Research analyst to managing online community. On the next adventure, I was applying for copywriter role for a Singapore-based company but end up to be a Social Media Research Analyst. They said, “Would you like to try taking a written test for a different role, We’re looking for SMRA for Indonesia?” At the time I don’t even know what kind of job is that or its scope.

But, of course it was a quick “yes” to the question. And yes again, I got the job which led me to learning to understand customers behaviour online. Finding insights from social media buzz, of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news to forums. Basically, anything the crawler could capture as data from the internet. From the insights We defined actionable recommendations for the clients.

The experience has brought me to the advertising industry. I kicked it off by managing and helping to analyse social media account for brands with goals of handling its community and online activities. From one campaign to another and one position to another til finally I decide to take more freelance jobs for personal reason.

Learning from everybody on developing digital product. How do I ended up in digital product development? It just happened. I followed any challenges deliver to my door. The thing is I’m always eager to understand the purpose of each job I do.

I’m aware that wanting to know everything is too much but I’m still pushing myself to question and learn everything, not to be good at it, but to understand its context, how it correlates to each member of the team and how can I improve it with my knowledge and experience.

Up to this very minute, I’m still learning from everybody.

My knowledge in development, especially backend is still very limited but turn out would be very interesting if I could understand it better.

My goals are to understand how it works, how to improve it, how it affects ideations by knowing its limitation and how can I challenge it to create something new that could benefit more audience.


For those still experimenting with their career, my advice would be, to follow the knowledge. This is the era where we could acquire any skills if we have the willingness to learn and seek the right mentor or medium.

Another thing that is important is to have a positive attitude as when things did not go according to your plan, dreams or what ever you have set back then, it is you who need to tell yourself that, as long as there’s new learnings, stay, until you are ready to leave or have decided to do your own things.

“So, what is your talent,” if one would ask. Then, I’d like to borrow Einstein for that, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

Lowest point, it’s just a phase, all you need is you.

I asked for inspirations, got prayers in return, could not ask for a better circle of friends.

This week, I asked for ideas for writing from my friends. “Inspire me,” I said through my IG story. Today, I wanna start with this one, “Write your lowest point, it will keep you grounded when you’re up there.”

The worst part of being at the lowest point is to meet the possibilities of losing yourself or giving up your value during the time frame. But the best part is, it is a moment to call out your finest version out of your chamber to level it up.

What we often forget, our lowest point should be mere a phase we need to go through, it should not define our entire life.

So, few years back, I was at point where I lost my business and few friends to follow it. It was greed, distrust and fear under one package. So I got the worst coming under one delivery. What I did not see at the time is that the downturn was preparing me for far greater challenge of my life.

During that moment, I remember a friend said to me, “Harty, you have nothing.” I was a bit disappointed to hear that from a friend, however it also made me understand what my surrounding value me for.

I believe losing money or the business is nothing, I could always rebuild it. Losing yourself during the time is the worst that could happen. Rebuilding fortunes can be easier than reinventing yourself once you have lost you. It is not as easy as taking a plastic surgery. Self recovery could take forever if you are surrounded with those who have no interest to meet your finest version.

If today, this week, this month or at early of this year you find yourself at failure, tell yourself that it is just a phase and it is okay to say it is not okay. I remember being inspired to post encouragement note to myself:

it’s okay to be not okay; it’s okay if things did not go according to plan; it’s okay to be mad. It’s okay to lose.

being positive is not ignoring all, but to keep more faith in the good behind the not okay.

it’s okay to feel disappointed;

it’s okay to be angry;

it’s okay to feel stupid;

it’s okay to complain;

it’s okay to cry;

it’s okay to fall;

it’s okay to get up late;

it’s okay to be left behind;

it’s okay to make faulty;

it’s okay to be ignored;

it’s okay to start late;

it’s okay to be lost;

it’s okay to be slower than the rest;

it’s okay to many more not okay…

the important question is what you gonna do about it? your decision and actions that follow it matter most.

complaining without offering solutions makes one a whiner; taking responsibilities is the difference. things you do to turn the table, making the ‘not okay’ a ‘so-so’ or better an ‘extraordinary.’ adjust to be better!

vulnerability makes you human; takes courage to embrace it. depression begins when you start hiding it. bitterness nurtured when you start blaming others.

Two things from myself that keep me going at my lowest point, gratitude and integrity.

Always keep gratitude in check. The only moment when I compare myself with people who are gifted with greatness is only to steal their fighting spirit or wisdom, not to feel sorry for what I don’t have.

Few of us realise that what makes life interesting is that it always presented a fine balance of everything. Instead of envying, I’d rather taking a closer look of what I have or could have better than those extraordinary personalities.

It could be as simple as a good health, supportive family, friends, a roof to shelter, a pet, freedom to dream bigger than myself, a good laughter, the list could be endless if I start counting everything as blessings. Up to the small things.

Integrity can be expensive. The right thing is always the right option to take, no matter what the situation is. To be able to keep your positive values and principles when people least expect it, is your most precious possessions.

By far, my lowest point has prepared me to be stronger for my the toughest moment and as reminder to stay humble for the blessings that come after.

Between ‘Fake’ news and ‘Fuck’ news

Recently, the term ‘fake’ news has become more and more familiar. It’s not the first time, false information spread through the media channels like what is presented to us via social media. However, the buzz surrounding this topic was started during Trump’s campaign. As we all know the result, Trump, with his famous tagline, “make America great again” has won the US election and currently sitting at the White House. Standford University has published a research on this subject.

So, what is ‘fake’ news and ‘fuck’ news, anyway?

I end up with these terms after seeing so many news articles landed to my timeline as my friends send across their ‘like’ button or share link to of certain blogs or so what they believe to be news sites. The increased overflow of articles from these unfamiliar sources were started around six-months back. Yep, Jakarta governor election.

What less people know, blogs represent personal opinion upon something, in this matter the writers opinion. Although we could find several blogs writings and/or articles packed with supporting data or facts, it is still and will always be considered personal opinion.

The objectivity of the content would always be subject for questions, unless we know the writers personally, or the blogs include a short biography or any relevant reference of the writers. In that way, as readers, we can do a double check on his/her overall view about written matters.

An interesting example of this might be the boy genius report or known as which launched in 2006. If you have time to dig deeper, there’s an interesting story behind it.

Yes, a ‘…‘ or ‘news….com’ or any other domain with news tag in it do not make the site a news site. Do a proper cross-check on items you read over the internet or about to share via social media. Don’t do blindly sharing without proper checking. Ask questions. Be critical!

News articles with no credibility linked to it, at all, would go straight to my ‘fake’ news list. Would I read it? Yes, if I find the title interesting, however if later I discover the content to be contradict with my previous readings without supporting facts or I could not find any link or references outside the site and not to mention there are no credible source of the writers, it stays as ‘fake’ news.

Social media offers room for ‘fake’ news or information to widely spread, and the scary part is, it could happen super fast. Facebook and Twitter appear as the commonly used. This matter has become more and more alarming as some parties have seen and aware the great advantage of harnessing this super power to sway certain perspectives and opinions towards something.

The most recent I found, same pattern growing in French entering its election period. Quoting to the news article, “researchers from Oxford University found up to a quarter of the political links shared on Twitter in France were based on misinformation. They were identified as deliberately false and expressed “ideologically extreme, hyper-partisan or conspiratorial” views with logical flaws and opinions presented as facts.”

A credible news article must stands the basis of What – Who – When – Where – Why and How; Confirmation from sources or facts being delivered; Covering facts and information on both side, if there are two side of the story. Balance with meaning no intention of weighing to one side of party. Lastly, the state of information shares great important for public. Whereas the writers feel obligated to make public of the information, without leaving behind the what – who – when and all those basic stands.

But wait, how about the ‘fuck’ news part? If the writer failed to deliver the above basis of credibility to the articles s/he wrote and provided no credibility about her/himself then, without a doubt, the news would end up in my ‘fuck’ news bucket. For me this apply to all articles, either coming from official news site or even more, the un-official ones.

It is up to us to sort out what we read and share.

Things we spread to our network becomes the most crucial part as there are always at least 3 angle of a story or information. The angle of the writer, the source and the angle which we don’t know and would remain secret until… well, maybe until Mr. Crab finally decided to tell Plankton that there’s no secret recipe 😉

Facebook has taken great seriousness over tackling the ‘fake’ news matters as outlined by its chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg in several media. Sandberg highlighted that Facebook is very determined on decreasing the financial incentives for false news because most of times it is financially driven.

At another source, as quoted to BBC Newsnight, ”We are really a platform and we take our responsibilities on false news very seriously. “False news hurts everyone because it makes our community uninformed, it hurts our community, it hurts countries. “And we know that people want to see accurate news on Facebook and that’s what we want them to see.” She said Facebook did not want to be an “arbiter of the truth”, saying having such an editorial voice was not “appropriate for us”.

How do we spot a fake news, here are 10 tips from Facebook itself, and more efforts from Facebook on fake news could be found here.

Fake news | Facebook’s tips for spotting it

. Be skeptical of headlines. The headlines of fake news stories are often catchy, and contain lots of capital letters and exclamation marks. If claims in the headline sound unbelievable, they may well be.

. Look closely at the URL. Many false news stories mimic authentic news sources by making small changes to the URL. You can go to the site to compare the URL to established sources.

. Check the source. Ensure the story comes from a source with a reputation for accuracy. If the story comes from a site you have not heard of, check their “About” section to learn more.

. Watch for unusual formatting. Many false news stories often contain spelling and grammar errors, as well as an awkward looking layout.

. Check the photos. False news stories often contain manipulated images or videos. Sometimes the photo may be authentic, but taken out of context. You can do an internet search of the image to find out where it came from.

. Check the dates. Fake news stories may contain timelines that make no sense, or event dates which are wrong or have been altered.

. Check the evidence. Check the author’s sources to confirm they are accurate. Lack of evidence, or a reliance on unnamed experts may indicate false news.

. Look at other reports. If no other news source is reporting the same story, it could indicate that it is false.

. Some stories are intentionally false. Think critically about the stories that you read, and only share articles which you know to be credible.

Belajar dari Keimanan Tetangga

That’s real COURAGE! I envy him, not for his religion but envy on how he keeps his belief. Being able to keep such faith when no one sees how he sees. Di akhir film, mereka yang paling keras berusaha nge-goyang keyakinan doi justru netesin air mata buat berterima kasih.”



Tulisan ini terinspirasi dari hacksaw ridge, film yang baru aja saya tonton malam ini. Jika kalian menyempatkan diri buat nonton film ini, pastikan nonton sampe habis ya… akan ada beberapa frame wawancara asli dengan si tokoh utama… yess betul… film ini terinspirasi dari kisah nyata!

Saya meyakini lakum dinukum waliyadin, untukmu agamamu untukku agamaku, tetapi hari ini saya iri dengan keyakinan si prajurit terhadap agamanya karena jika saya ditempatkan pada posisi yang sama, saya yakin tidak akan punya kekuatan plus keberanian untuk mengambil sikap serupa. Mending langsung pulang nandur jagung di rumah kalau udah di-rijek dan dihina begitu…

Gilak aja! Perang gak bawa senjata, gak mau ngelanggar 10 perintah Tuhan katanya. Gak mau pergi perang di hari Sabbath. Dipukulin sampe gak berbentuk tetep bertahan dan gak nunjuk orang-orang yang mukulin. Dia marah koq, tapi gak nyalahin orang lain atau Tuhannya. Tetap yakin pada hal yang dia yakini… orang tua-nya sampe tunangan tercinta-pun gak ngaruh.

That’s real COURAGE! I envy him, not for his religion but envy on how he keeps his belief. Being able to keep such faith when no one sees how he sees. Di akhir film, mereka yang paling keras berusaha nge-goyang keyakinan doi justru netesin air mata buat berterima kasih.

Saya gak sanggup memaafkan seperti sang prajurit, makanya saya iri… pengen bisa begitu? Bangeeett, makanya masih perlu banyak baca, pengen ketemu orang yang beda-beda supaya gak punya satu sudut pandang doank!

Yang kece adalah keberanian dan keteguhan si prajurit memenangkan hati semua orang. Satu orang mengubah keyakinan segambreng orang. Satu kompi prajurit ‘telat’ nyerbu buat nunggu si prajurit doa buat mereka sebelum berangkat perang. Kindness and humility that can touch the heart and break people’s belief… koq justru kita yang lupa yaaaa…

Gak sengaja lihat postingan salah satu teman Facebook yang isinya pesan yang disebarkan untuk grup tim yang meluangkan waktu melipir ke pusat Jakarta kemarin. Singkat cerita, pesan yang paling saya ingat adalah, ‘akan ada orang-orang tertentu yang disisipkan dalam rombongan, klo tertangkap jangan dipukuli tapi dibikin malu lewat media’.

Duh, bukannya dimaafkan, dilindungi supaya gak dipukuli yang lain atau coba kasih nasi bungkus gitu karena dia pasti cape en laper karena dah jadi penyusup seharian. Eh ini malah kita punya rencana berjamaah buat permaluin aja kalo sampe ketangkep.

Teman, pada saat kita siap mempermalukan alias buka aib orang lain, memang kita sudah siap dapat perlakuan serupa nantinya? Mempermalukan dia yang tidak tahu bukannya lebih jahat? Seperti menyalahkan kuda karena dia tidak bisa terbang.

Kenapa kita gak tunjukkan kebaikan… karena itulah yang orang tua, agama dan rasul kita ajarkan [gak usah kritik… ini buat saya sendiri… karena agama saya warisan dari orang tua; masih perlu banyak belajar *nyengir]. Ini saya abis gugling sosok bernama Tsumamah Bin Itsal.

Tepuk pundak mereka yang bersalah, ingatkan, ajarkan. Jangan dilakukan secara terbuka, ehm.. kalau bisa… Dan ketika ada orang yang meminta maaf, jangan malah diejek atau lainnya. Bukankah kita seharusnya merangkul dan mengajarkan dia yang tidak tahu? Jangan berburuk sangka dengan menuduh suatu permintaan maaf dilakukan dengan tulus atau tidak. Baik sangka bukannya lebih baik?

Yang kadang kita lupa adalah orang sudah mengakui kesalahannya dan siap menerima hukumanannya dengan ikhlas lebih mulia daripada yang ngejek… karena bisa jadi Allah memaafkan. Enak banget, begitu ya? Tapi enak-kan kalau semua kesalahan kita dimaafkan Sang Khalik pada saat kita meminta maaf dengan sebenar-benarnya?

Beruntunglah mereka yang segala kesalahannya dibayar sebelum kematian, maka Insya Allah segala kebaikan menyertainya setelah kematian. Tapi karena yang mati tidak pernah hidup lagi, banyak diantara kita yang sibuk menghakimi kesalahan orang lain, seolah tidak yakin ada hidup setelah mati.

Kenapa saya tidak mengupas tuntas soal kesalahan si koko… karena kita juga salah pada saat kita tidak memaafkan dan justru malah mengejek. Karena kita salah berburuk sangka terhadap itikad baik orang yang meminta maaf. Karena kita bersalah pada saat kita tidak merangkul dan mengajarkan. Karena kita menuntut keadilan di bumi seolah kita tidak yakin pada keadilan yang lebih agung. Karena saya terlalu sibuk mengurutkan kesalahan kita sendiri dan kurang pandai menjelaskan bahwa menghitung kesalahan sendiri lebih baik daripada menuliskan daftar panjang kesalahan orang lain.

Belakangan kita terlalu sibuk menjadi hakim atau mempermalukan orang lain. Yuk pakai analogi paling sederhana.

Pernah jadi pengurus kelas pas sekolah dulu? Susah kan? Kalau terlalu baik dibilang sok cari muka, lapor yang salah ke guru dibilang sok bener. Selalu adaaa aja yang gak puas. Padahal itu cuma puluhan orang.

Bayangin jadi pemimpin jutaan orang. Gak bisa ya kita jadi orang yang ikut membantu membenarkan hal-hal kecil disekeliling kita tanpa terlihat gituh… tapi ah nanti gak kelihatan orang banyak ya amalnya… males yah?!

Negeri ini unik justru karena keragamannya, karena perbedaannya. Hayoo… baru kemaren kalian posting soal sumpah pemuda.

Apa yang saya tuliskan ini murni merupakan pendapat subjektif saya dan tidak mewakili umat Islam, karena masing-masing dari kita bisa jadi memiliki sudut pandang dan pemahaman yang berbeda. Semoga perbedaan pandangan yang ada bisa menjadi titik awal bagi kita untuk mempertanyakan segala hal dan menjadi selangkah lebih dekat kepada kebaikan — belom sampe loh ya… baru selangkah lebih dekat.

Oiyaah… last note buat Om Mel [Gibson]! Efek Hollywood-nya rada lebay sih tapi pesen moralnya kece badai!

Tiwul oh tiwul…

Bukan hal yang mengherankan jika selama beberapa hari kedepan tiwul akan menjadi salah satu topik yang ramai dibahas. Mulai dari bagaimana seharusnya tehnik pembuatan yang benar hingga tingkat asupan gizi makanan berbahan dasar ketela itu. Lucu, sebab meskipun dibuat dengan teknik yang benar, tiwul tidak akan menyuguhkan kandungan gizi yang cukup.

Kasus meninggalnya enam orang bersaudara asal Jepara merupakan pemicunya. Tidak heran jika kedua orang tua dari enam bersaudara itu langsung mengalami depresi. Meskipun proses penyelidikan masih digelar, namun kuat dugaan bahwa keenam anak pasangan Jamhadi dan Siti Sunayah itu meninggal keracunan setelah mengkonsumsi tiwul buatan Siti.

Nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Setelah insiden ini mungkin Jamhadi tidak akan melangkahkan kaki jauh-jauh hingga kota gudeg untuk menafkahi keluarganya. Seperti diberitakan, saat insiden, sang bapak tengah membanting tulang sebagai penjahit di Jogya.

Lalu, siapa yang bisa menjamin kasus serupa tidak akan terulang? Pemerintah atau masyarakat? Siapa yang bisa menjawab dan berani melontarkan tuduhan pertama. Karena sebelum melemparkan tuduhan, pastikan anda tidak pernah membuang sebutir nasi pun. Pastikan anda tidak pernah menyebar uang secara berlebih.

Menjadi miskin jelas bukan pilihan. Jika memang memungkinkan semua orang pasti akan meminta pada sang Khalik agar hidup berkecukupan, meski gak berlebih loh. Disisi lain, mereka yang berlebih pun tidak wajib untuk meluangkan perhatiannya pada mereka yang kekurangan. Karena itu juga adalah pilihan. Semua kembali pada kebaikan hati dan rasa bersyukur.

Situasi yang dihadapi pasangan dari Jepara itu mungkin masih belum akan berakhir dalam waktu dekat. Pihak berwajib masih melakukan penyelidikan lebih lanjut untuk memastikan apakah benar keenam putra-putri pasangan itu meninggal akibat keracunan tiwul yang dibuatnya dengan menggabungkan singkong, campuran air kelapa dan pemanis.

Dengan kata lain, Siti masih harus terus mengingat bagaimana dia meracik tiwul tersebut, hingga menyebabkan akhir yang tragis. Depresi merupakan respon yang wajar tidak peduli Siti berpendidikan atau tidak, kaya atau miskin. Saya sendiri tidak bisa membayangkan jika – baik sengaja atau tidak – tindakan saya menyebabkan hilangnya nyawa sanak saudara saya.

Dalam kasus ini Siti tidak sengaja menyebabkan anak-anaknya meninggal dunia. Tetapi, masih ingat dengan kasus Khoir Umi Latifah yang membakar dua anak balitanya karena alasan tekanan ekonomi.

Ratusan juta penduduk Republik ini dan menjamin kesejahteraan masing-masing penduduk jelas bukan hal mudah. Tetapi, apa benar pemerintah atau masyarakat benar-benar tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa untuk mencegah insiden-insiden semacam ini.

Yuks belajar…

Taukah kamu bahwa garam pernah menjadi komoditi utama di Laut Tengah. Emas putih yang punya dampak besar terhadap iklim ini jugalah yang mendorong perjalanan bangsa Italia ke seluruh penjuru dunia.

Ratusan tahun silam, Venesia pun pernah menjadi kota terkaya dunia karena perdagangan garam. Itu menjelaskan mengapa letak garam di meja makan menjadi salah satu penanda status sosial. Bangunan-bangunan megah yang berdiri di Venesia juga merupakan peninggalan dari masa kejayaan garam.

Perubahan iklim drastis yang juga dipicu oleh garam melenyapkan semua itu dan mendorong bangsa Venisia untuk menemukan komoditi baru yang bisa diperdagangkan. Dan perjalanan mereka ke seluruh penjuru dunia, termasuk Asia memperkenalkan mereka pada komoditi yang lain, rempah-rempah. Bumbu-bumbu ajaib yang juga menjadi alasan penjajahan Belanda atas negeri ini.

Kekayaan alam bisa membawa kejayaan dan pada tingkat berikutnya dipastikan akan membawa kehancuran. Salah satu penyebabnya adalah keserakahan yang memang menjadi salah satu ciri khas manusia.

Meniliklah kebelakang maka akan kita jumpai peperangan yang menghancurkan sebagian besar bangsa di Laut Tengah dipicu oleh perebutan garam sebagai komoditi yang paling menggiurkan ratusan tahun silam. Rempah yang menjadi kekayaan kita yang terbesar menjadikan kita terjajah selama 350 tahun bahkan masih menyisakan beberapa permasalahan hingga saat ini.

Kita sangat kaya akan keragaman budaya hingga kesulitan untuk mengenalinya satu-persatu dan baru meributkannya ketika diakui bangsa lain. Ada Irian dengan kekusutan yang terpicu dari kekayaan tambangnya. Jakarta dengan kebanggaannya sebagai metropolis yang penuh dengan gedung-gedung bertingkat dan pembangunan modern lainnya namun melupakan pentinngnya daerah resapan.

Saya pun mulai tertarik untuk berfikir bencana yang menimpa beberapa wilayah di negeri ini terjadi karena memang itulah kekayaan terbesar kita. Wilayah yang luar biasa dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Apakah 5 abad dari sekarang sejarah akan bercerita, Indonesia dengan kekayaan masing-masing pulaunya lebur karena tsunami, gunung meletus, banjir, gempa atau lainnya.

Semua sibuk saling menyalahkan, tapi tidak pernah bertanya apa yang bisa aku lakukan dengan tanganku, minimal. Bukankah beberapa hal masih bisa diupayakan, ehm, bersama. Nah, yang paling sulit adalah ketika yang terucap, “Bukan urusan gue…!”

Ya wes,mending kita cari selamet masing-masing aja deh… he he he…

Menarik senar gitar terlalu kencang bisa putus, terlalu kendor juga gak bisa dipake, nah gimana coba menghasilkan setting-an yang pas… Tapi ya tetep aja susah kalau masing-masing masih melihat dari kacamata bahwa semua orang kan punya tolak ukur yang beda soal pas… Ini sih dah gak tertolong…yang dicari bedanya teruuussss…

Portia, make me envi…twice

Kira2 apa ya yang dikhayalkan Shakespeare waktu nge-garap Portia, Merchant of Venice. Penciptaan karakter yang luar biasa cerdas n alur yang menawan. Portia, karakter yang bisa bikin cewe ngerasa iri. Yang gw suka, kali ini yang disuguhkan Shakespeare bukan drama romantis pake embel2 tragedi.

Buat gw yang ini lebih cerdas, me-na-rik. Untaian kata-kata yang tersusun waktu Bassanio harus milih satu diantara tiga peti buat dapetin si cantik Portia keren abis.

Ada romantisme didalemnya, ya jelas, Shakespeare getooo. Tapi, dari sudut pandang gw bukan itu yang ditekankan. Pertemanan, keadilan, kecerdikan diaduk jadi satu, melahirkan cerita yang menawan. Satu lagi bagian yang gw suka, waktu Portia nyamar jadi cowo n hadir dimuka pengadilan. Gw kutip omongan Portia yang sangat terkenal itu,

The quality of mercy is not strain’d.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Karena cerita ini bergenre komedi-romantis [kata wikipedia], tentu aja ada bagian lucu didalamnya. Yah, tapi dijamin lo gak bakal ngakak terpingkal2 diatas kursi or kasur.

Faith itu kan tergantung ke individu masing2. Picik aja klo cuma memandang hal2 yang gak lo suka di cerita ini, Shylock si Yahudi misalnya [karakter jahatnya]. Mungkin gw aja yang beranggapan gak suka ma sesuatu bukan berarti antipati kan. Coz buat gw, yang punya kesombongan luar biasa ini, nasihat seringkali dateng dari sosok yang paling dibenci. Denger aja gak gampang, apalagi merhati-in, wong kuping rasanya tertutup, si hatipun berkata, EGP – siapa loh?

I’m no angel, yet devil indeed – gw temuin di salah satu note yang gw bikin di 2006. I like that. Teringat satu obrolan dengan salah satu temen jauh gw, “to see and learn something from different point of view sometimes u hav2 cross every boundaries.”

Portia yang digambarin Shakespeare punya kecantikan, kekayaan, keanggunan, and yang paling gw iri tuh doi cerdas abis. Emang bener, sesama devil harus saling menghormati [wakakakkaka]. Kasian juga tuh si Shylock. Cuma gara-gara pengen bales dendam, dia pengen keadilan yang seadil-adilnya tapi malah bikin dia kehilangan semua hartanya sampe anak perempuannya. Rumit juga seh, tindakan dia juga salah. Tapi kan gak adil juga klo yang ngutangin malah kejarah abies ma negara.

Or mungkin…karena semalem yang main jadi Shylock, si Al Pacino ya? Emang ektingnya boleh bangeet. Mantaap.

Tanpa Judul

“Moments when I got nothin’ else 2say then I make silence as companion,” gw tulis di status FB semalam. Komentar singkat Layyinah, teman sebangku gw pas duduk di smea, ngasih gw ide, “Nuttin 2say… Lots 2 write…”

Betul banget tuh Lay, writing do sounds great. Yah ngalir aja deh sepanjang malam sampe jam berubah menjadi a.m. alias dini hari.

Hari ini gw cabut dari kantor agak cepet [untungnya kerjaan dah berez] setelah dapet telepon darurat dari salah satu temen yang belakangan setia menemai gw nge-moll or sekedar dengerin celoteh gw sepanjang hari.

Pertemuan singkat di pizza hut yang meski cuma mengupas beberapa hal cukup bikin gw ngerasa sedikit fresh. Sedikit sudut pandang yang beda n seperti biasa…flash back, karena ternyata semakin dibahas segala sesuatu terasa semakin ringan.

Yaahh, biarpun terkadang tujuannya bukan cari solusi tapi cuma pengen bersikap egois alias pengen didenger, anggep aja praktek terapi [buat yang ngedenger tentunya, hehehe].

Gw tinggalkan resto di daerah kampung melayu itu sekitar pukul setengah sepuluh, alhasil gw sampe rumah sekitar jam sepuluhan. Seperti biasa, tukang ojek menyerbu penumpang yang baru turun dari metro mini 506.

Weleh..weleh…gw gak pernah suka sama aksi tukang ojek yang satu ini, bikin ngeri…wong ngojek koq dipaksa. Mending gw jalan kaki. Klo aja mereka lebih teratur mungkin banyak penumpang yang gak ngerasa ngeri kaya gw.

Apalagi sebagian besar tukang ojek yang berkeliaran pas jam itu anak muda yang gaya nyupir-nya bak stuntman, pengen ngejar penumpang berikutnya, padahal yang dibonceng aja lom sampe tujuan, tapee dyeeh.

Lumayan, biasanya sekitar 20 menit gw habisin buat jalan kaki sampe rumah, mantaaap…itung2 olah raga malam. Tapi, sebenernya gw suka aktivitas yang satu ini, meski agak sedikit deg2an karna pernah dikejar2 orgil deket rumah gw n mesti ngelewatin terminal yang klo malam bagai Las Vegas-nya Pondok Kopi.

“Bodo amat!! Positif thinking, pasang muka sok berani!!” gw tegasin ke diri sendiri.

Kaya biasa, klo dah ngelewatin jalan itu, banyak hal terlintas dikepala gw. Tiba2 teringat Vinol, I wonder why…maybe I do miss her. Gw bahkan blom lihat her new born baby, sorry ya honey…I’ll make it up to u…otre?!

“innamal a’malu binniyat,” pesen habib via mba Andri masih ter-ngiang di otak gw. Gw gak pernah menilai diri gw baik, tapi semoga aja niat gw gak terkikis sepanjang jalan [amiiiin kan mba?]. “Yang sabar mba ngedepin gw,” [kapan ya pernah gw denger omongan ini] n sekarang gw lontarin ke mba Andri, upz sorry…

“Sendirian aja mba, gak dijemput?” tanya bang Amien, tukang mie ayam langganan gw. “Lagi pengen jalan bang,” jawab gw sekenanya. Jalanan memang terasa agak sepi, tumben, biasanya banyak anak muda or babeh2 yang nongkrong disepanjang jalan menuju rumah gw. Gw tengok jam, wheks, hampir jam 11, santai bener gw jalan.

Pas sampe, gw buka FB pake kompi butut gw. Ngutip status pa Eries malam ini dari komentar si La Rose, yang katanya novelis itu “Khayalan ada batasnya. Justru kenyataan yang gak ada batasnya.”

Otak gw mulai bermain dengan tuh kalimat. Hhmm…mana yang lebih seru ya menjalani khayalan layaknya kenyataan atau sebaliknya menjalani kenyataan bagai khayalan?

Apa semuanya balik ke niat lagi? Wakakakaka… kalimat sederhana yang belakangan gak habis gw pikirin…

Watchmen: action terbalut drama

“Never compromised even in the face of Armageddon,” ujar Rochsach dalam Watchmen. Personally, gw tidak akan mengkategorikan film ini sebagai film ber-genre action. Gw lebih suka mengkategorikannya kepada film drama.

Ditengah masyarakat kita, mungkin film ini bisa dikatakan tidak menarik alias membosankan, buktinya beberapa penonton memilih pulang sebelum film habis or tanpa sadar menikmati tidur sejenak saat film diputar.

Memang, harus gw akui sempat merasa bosan dengan 1 jam pertama pemutaran film, coz alur yang maju-mundur. Tapi pesan yang disuguhkan Watchmen cukup menawan. Gw rasa, itulah kontradiksi yang ada di masyarakat kita saat ini.

Gw pernah berfikir dunia tanpa perang pasti menyenangkan. Perdamaian memang terasa indah. Entah itu untuk sekedar diucapkan, dibayangkan atau direalisasikan, yang pasti 2 kata yang pertama lebih gampang dicerna.

Gw jdi menerawang, mengingat kalimat-kalimat yang dilontarkan temen-temen lama gw n entah mereka ngutip darimana. Heran, kadang-kadang mereka bisa bijak juga selain bergila-gila ria.

”klo lo gak pernah sedih, lo gak akan nikmatin bahagia.” kata A. “betul tuh ti, dari situ lo tau bedanya,” tambah si B dengan gaya serius. ”kadang lo perlu sakit say, jadi lo menghargai sehat lo,” C nampak lebih ngotot.

Menarik juga klo diingat. Nah, di film Watchmen yang gw tonton semalem, perdebatan berlangsung seputar gimana lo ngeliat realita yang ada, dibalut dengan dilema para para tokoh superhero saat mereka tak lagi dibutuhkan masyarakat jadi pensiun dan kehilangan excitement dalam keseharian mereka.

Alhasil, saat dihadapkan pada pilihan untuk nyelamatin masyarakat dunia yang dah bobrok ini mereka bingung. Konfliknya, perang nuklir, gimana mencegah jatuhnya miliaran korban. And yang bikin gw merasa agak miris, yang terjadi akhirnya salah satu tokoh Adrian Veidt memilih secara sengaja dan terencana ngorbanin jutaan orang buat menyelamatkan miliaran, untuk perdamaian tentunya. Dan memang terwujud, dunia aman tanpa perang.

Pertanyaannya…apakah sepadan? Perdamaian yang disuguhkan pun sebenernya hasil ilusi, diciptakan dari tipu daya, tanpa sadar masyarakat dunia dikelabui. Nah, bagian ini menurut gw menarik, karena ada pertentangan antara tokoh-tokoh superhero itu. Pilihannya adalah, membeberkan kenyataan n perang nuklir yang muncul berikutnya or keep silent, maka perdamaian semu akan terjaga. Sampai kapan?

Rochsach yang gw sebutin diawal terkesan lebih keras atau mungkin lebih tepatnya berprinsip. Dia lebih suka melihat realita meskipun ancur. That’s kind a cool! Punya sikap, great attitude…tipe yang kaya gini gak akan pernah bingung mau berdiri disisi sebelah mana. I like that…

Jadi, buat yang mo nonton Watchmen harap diingat: ini bukan film yang penuh dengan aksi tonjok-tonjokan or kejar-kejaran mobil super and unjuk kebolehan kekuatan-kekuatan super layaknya film superhero lainnya.

Tapi, jangan lupa pasang telinga dan per-ha-ti-kan baik2…you’ll learn something for sure…